Ugly Ducklings


Patitos Feos is a surrealistic comedy about three eccentric middle-aged brothers from Chihuahua, who still share a bed and have never left their ranch. Chuy, Pepe and Abelardo live with their Gringa grandmother, who spends her days feeding them delusional tales about their supposed grandfather and the love of her life: José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, better known as Pancho Villa. On the night of a lunar eclipse, after entertaining their grandmother with songs from the Mexican Revolution, the three brothers share a peyote vision that compels them to look for their legendary grandfather’s missing head. Accompanied by their only mare, the brothers venture into the world, where they encounter all sorts of madness.

About the film

Ugly Ducklings tells a fantastical tale about three brothers who venture out in search of the missing head of their hero, Pancho Villa. This strange but playful story is a perfect vehicle to explore themes of our national and personal identity, boldly subverting Mexican stereotypes along the way. To achieve this effect, we improvised in every sense of the word, with the purpose of making a spontaneous film, full of madness and imagination.