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After suffering a traumatic loss, John tries to find comfort in the vastness of the sea. There is a miraculous event that promises to reverse everything … But at what cost?


A momentary lapse of judgment leads to the death of John’s three-year-old son. A few days after his death, John, overwhelmed by guilt, takes his kayak to the open sea. There he sees a bottle floating in the nearby waves. When you lift it, you notice that a rope is tied to your neck. John pulls the rope and unexpectedly pulls himself back. As it pulls harder and harder, the rope gives way to a long strip of algae, which in turn is tied to a large bundle covered in weeds. John opens the lump and is surprised to discover that his son is hiding inside. Not knowing what else to do, he heads to a nearby uninhabited island and hides it in a cave. John is convinced that God is behind the miracle. But he soon learns that the only way to keep his son alive is to offer his own blood.


Director: Mauricio Chernovetzky
Script: Mauricio Chernovetzky & Alexander Iosjpse
Producer: Rosalie Chilelli, Jeniffer Pun & Ernesto Martínez Arévalo



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